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The Council’s Student Accommodation Strategy sets out the
importance of the student population to Sheffield’s economy.
It also highlights the important role which high quality and affordable
PBSA plays in attracting the best students to the City both from within
the UK and internationally. It highlights how some PBSA within the City
is now dated and no longer meeting the needs of modern students.




We worked with the client and consultant team
to create a class leading student accommodation
development on a former surface car parking site
on St George’s Close in close proximity to the
University of Sheffield’s academic campus.

We have created a high-quality landmark structure
which will serve as a focal point for the area which
sits harmoniously within its context of both large
scale and smaller scale existing buildings.

The proposal consists of two main forms; a 6 storey
podium and a tower element which rise above the podium
by a further 11 storeys to create a 17 storey building overall.
The main tower element has been designed using the golden
section ratio.

74 have worked with us closely over the
years and we believe they understand our
DNA in the quest to create engaging, exciting
spaces which allow our operational teams
to create great communities.

We have studied the building form, the proportions of the
apertures and spaces between to create an overall building
appearance that is elegant; amplified by the slender
vertical emphasis of the facade articulation.

The building relies on a careful manipulation of form,
proportion, solid and void ratios to create a timeless
style of architecture that is simple and not reliant on
current fashions or architectural trends in an attempt
to make the building look interesting or stand out.
The proposed proportions found in the overall form
and facade design are of paramount importance
to the success of the design proposal.
We have adopted the simple rule of three; base,
middle and top. We have developed the elevations
to address how the building touches the ground to engage
with the streetscape; the main body of the composition and
how it creates visual interest that is legible from eye level;
before finally addressing the composition to the top of
each building as it engages the skyline.

The facade design follows classical architecture principals,
whereby the elevations follow an imposed grid with a rhythm
and proportion that creates a restrained and ordered elegance.
The window apertures within the facades have been proportioned
to follow our design concept philosophy to create slender,
vertically oriented forms expressed across the facades.

“they understand our DNA
in the quest to create engaging,
exciting spaces”

IQ Student Accommodation

“they understand our DNA
in the quest to create engaging,
exciting spaces”

IQ Student Accommodation
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