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The ‘winter garden’ aims to introduce a vibrant yet peaceful
space as a welcome extension to the workplace. By bringing
nature indoors in what is essentially a city urban setting, a green
tranquil space has been created to promote happiness, well-being,
health and creativity through materiality, colour and plants.

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Biophilic design in the workplace has a beneficial impact on the
psychological and physiological well-being of the individual user.
This in-turn improves the business as a whole as productivity is shown
to increase. Research has shown that productivity can be increased
by 8%, rates of well-being up by 13%, increased creativity, with
reduced absenteeism and better retention of staff.

The design was visually beautiful and impactful.
It offered a vibrant yet peaceful space, which truly
provides a contrasting extension to the workspace.

Whether a busy call centre or creative media tenant, the winter
garden is a human-centric space, which regardless of the users
profession is designed with the human beings well-being at the
heart. A call centre user might utilise the space for breakout,
quiet time and, due to short breaks, gives them an opportunity
to be in a natural environment reducing time in motion by not
leaving the building.

Other times, including nighttime, it could continue to evolve into
relaxation or change into a social space. A creative media user
might choose to use the space for solo working on a laptop, pitching
to a client in a vibrant setting, or brainstorming sessions in the
central area.

Whatever the requirement, the space is designed with maximum
flexibility in mind. By creating a collection of both open, social areas
and secluded seating, users can choose how they want to use
the space. A place to hide away, reflect, socialise or take a stroll
or even interview a new potential member of staff!

Rather than creating an overly defined structured space, the winter
garden is designed to flex to each individuals needs and to be
utilised 24/7.
The double height space is accentuated by vertical
drops of foliage and lighting, creating drama from both
inside and outside. This also promotes a natural light
and airy space for the workers to enjoy throughout
the day and night.

“Beautiful and impactful”

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“Beautiful and impactful”

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