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Newmarket Road

We were delighted to work with Hub in their first adventure
into student housing on this sensitive and challenging site
in Cambridge. We explored the student sector together;
what was good, what was bad and what could be a whole
lot better. We developed a series of objectives that went
on to underpin our concept and design development
and through the planning process.

Hub Group
The proposal for 256 student beds has two primary architectural
objectives. The design of the primary façades is architecturally
confident fronting onto Newmarket Road as it responds to its urban
context. The design of the secondary elevation along River Lane
provides a sequential transition from the urban scale of the
primary block to the more residential scale of the adjacent
terraced housing along River Lane.

The overall building forms a perimeter block and internal
garden. We developed an innovative circulation solution
by designing a courtyard facing deck access system.
This achieved a reduction in the internal circulation
by over 50%, which provided animation to the internal
courtyard, passive natural ventilation to the internal
corridors and reduced costs significantly.

“We explored the
student sector together”

74 Architects

“We explored the
student sector together”

74 Architects
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