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We started our relationship with the US company Greystar
when they entered the UK property market in 2014. Since then
we have completed over 20 projects with them, primarily
in the Student living sector.

We have worked with Greystar across the UK, including
several properties in central London. The drivers have always
been to create class leading amenity spaces with vibrant
social spaces with dedicated study areas.

Greystar, subsequently IQ Student Accommodation
have worked with 74 since our venture into UK student
property began in 2014.

With Greystar we have developed a new model for student
living in the UK, much copied now but in 2014, it was widely
thought to be ludicrous to put a bespoke bowling alley into
student accommodation. Our user oriented design process
and ability to reconfigure difficult existing buildings has led
us to create stunning spaces out of nothing, improving
assets values ten fold.




Our work with Greystar involved an in-depth engagement
process with their funding partner Goldman Sachs to ensure
that we were all focussed on best value to create class leading
products which have been fundamental to positioning Greystar.

We are proud to work with Greystar who share our
belief that the creation of a high quality student experience
is the primary design and investment driver.

“We are proud to
work with Greystar”

74 Architects

“We are proud to
work with Greystar”

74 Architects
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