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Elgin Place

Originally designed as a hotel by RMJM, the design was adapted
by Church Lukas to create a student accommodation building
like no other in the UK.

Greystar Student Living
We worked closely with Church Lukas to develop their architectural
concept into an interior design strategy based on a student journey
through the building’s layered amenity spaces.

74’s design ethos has always been ‘people focused’
whilst displaying control over commercial constraints
and operation requirements.

The City Council’s design criteria led to a high provision
of amenity space of over 1320 sq.m which was planned
to create a journey from the front door, over seven floor
levels, through a stunning ten storey high central atrium
culminating in an external roof terrace that offers views
back over the stunning Victorian skyline.
We worked with Greystar, Goldman Sachs and Church
Lukas to develop a strong concept for a series of
different amenity spaces woven through the volume
of the building, interconnected via the route and through
visual connections offered by the atrium with its balconies.
The interior design approach drew influence from Glasgow’s
industrial past, it’s grit, warmth and its bold personality.
The rugged concrete, exposed services and bold rust colours
evoke the sense of an industrial past but their contemporary
styling looks forward.




We planned an open ground floor, with welcoming reception,
auditoria and exhibition space to give the opportunity for the
spaces to be used for guest lectures, end of year shows
and exhibitions.

Church Lukas have created a stunning landmark
building which in turn enabled us to create an
exemplarily student environment with every
provision of space imaginable. The building was
immediately fully let and is absolutely bursting
with life…!

“74’s design ethos has
always been ‘people focused’”

IQ Student Accommodation

“74’s design ethos has
always been ‘people focused’”

IQ Student Accommodation
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