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Co-Live / Co-Work
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Case Study

Co-Live / Co-Work

We were invited to develop a strong new identity and conceptual proposals for a combined
Co-Living, Co-Working and Student environment within a series of new build towers
on the fringe of the city centre and adjacent to the University




We love our city, we have all worked here for some time, most of us studied in Manchester and a majority live here.

We understand the fabric and the factors that both affect and influence the shape of the city and how it is evolving.

City centre living has been popular in Manchester for a number of years, styles and typologies come and go and more recently we have seen the rise of the investor led PRS / B2R market.

Whilst this has been fairly successful financially, we do not feel that it quite works socially.
We have been debating the quality of PRS for a couple of years with peers across the city and what it lacks can be summed up in one word; COMMUNITY.

The rise of Co-Working, flexible working hours, people’s desire to be light on their feet and the influence of Millennial’s have created a requirement for a new residential typology.




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